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Data exports / Data dumps

Export possibilities

You would like to back-up data from your Carerix application to a externaldrive, this can be done with an export.

Here you will find two ways to export your data

Use of an Excel Export

The Carerix Adminstrator can make this export by using the export template that is availible in the Templates Libary.

For more information about this costloss export read : Export data to Excel

Use of a database dump (PostgreSQ)

This dump file wil be in *.pgc format, can only be read with PostgreSQL.

The person that will work with *.pcg file will have to have technical PostgreSQL experience.

The Carerix adminstrator can start a database-download
The dump-file form the database will be created atnight.

The next day the dump-file can be downloaded from the Carerix server

For more information read  :  Create and download a database dump-file