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Starting/login Carerix

Don't have a login yet

To receive a login name and password go to your administrator

Login to Carerix

  1. Open a webbrowser (i.e. Google Chrome)
  2. Go to webaddress:
    http://company-name.carerix.net and instead of company-name type the name of your company.
    This name of the application can also be the abbreviation, depending on what your company wanted. If you do not know the application name, please ask your administrator.
  3. Fill out your login and password
  4. Click "Login"


Forgot your password and the administrator is not available?

Then click the "Forgot your credentials?" option underneath the "Login" button.
Fill in your username and e-mail address in the screen that appears and click "Send password". Your password will then be mailed to you.

Passwords can be changed on the "My account" page once you've logged in.
Carerix passwords have to contain a capital letter, be eight characters long, of which at least one is a number.

Be creative with your password, try not to have a standard one!