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Customer Success Center



Having an issue?
You can get in touch with our Customer Support Team via telephone, mail or submit a ticket through our Support Portal. This Support portal is a powerful tool to keep on track of tickets.

The best way to go

When you have more then one questions, please create separate tickets

This will help us helping you!

We will assign each ticket to a specialist.

And separate tickets will help you keep better track on open questions and already answered questions.



Support Portal login

If you already have access to our Support Portal

  • Go to Support Portal
  • Enter 'Username' (email address) 
  • Enter 'Password'


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Support Portal


Don't have access to our Support Portal yet ?

Please send a mail to our Customer Support, with a request for 'Support Portal login' (Summary)

  • You will receive an automated response email 
    • Open the mail
  • Click on the link  "Request access"
    • "Which did you forget?", select "Password"
    • "Enter your username", enter your email address
      • Click 'Send'
    • You will receive an email 'Password reset request'
      • Click the reset link
    • Enter a 'New Password'
      • 'Confirm' Password
      • Click on 'Reset' button
      • Now login to the Support Portal
















Creating a ticket

You can create :

  • Ask a question
  • Report an incident 

I created a ticket, what now?

You will receive a automatic mail with confirmation that your support request has been registered.

Our Customer Support will assign your ticket to a specialist, and will be answered conform our SLA.

When can you expect a response?

Within office hours, we strive to assess the priority of your ticketwithin 15 minutes, and respond within the response times in the table below. On our support portal, you can see which priority has been assigned to your ticket.

Prio 1 < 15 min Urgent business critical issues for which no workaround is available
Prio 2 < 60 min Urgent business critical issues for which a workaround is available
Prio 3 < 1 day A non business critical feature is not working properly
Prio 4 < 2 days A minor non business critical feature is not working properly


Although we handle and prioritize each ticket with care, if in your opinion we underestimate the urgency of your request,
please reply to this email, and we will reassess the priority of your request.


Issue tracking

To keep track of your issue, please login to our Support Portal.

You will see overview of your tickets.


Adding comment or attachment

  • Click on the ticket you would like to expand

On the right you will see :

  • Reference : HD- #####
  • People involved

    When you add a person, they will receive all communication concerning this ticket


  • "Add a comment" and "Add attachment"
    This enables you to add new information or ask questions concerning this ticket.
    You can also attachment extra files or/and screenshots