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The fastest way to get your question answered

  1. First check the Knowledge Base, Carerix Wiki and check out our Server status page
  2. If you are unable to find the appropriate article,
    submit your question to the Carerix Administrator at your organisation
  3. If your administrator is unable to provide an answer,
    the administrator will present the question to our Customer Success Team

What do we need to answer your question?

  1. Which application are you working with;  appname.carerix.net
  2. Which User is experiencing the problem; UserID or Name
  3. Which files are involved; Candidatenr, Emailnr, Matchnr, Publicationnr



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E-mail   : success@carerix.com

Telephone   : +31 (0)85 743 0450

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Customer Success Center : support.carerix.com


Emergency Hotline

If your Carerix application is unavailable, contact us on our Emergency Hotline
We will give your issue the priority it deserves

Emergency Hotline : +31 65 514 08 23

Weekdays 08:00-10:00 CE(S)T