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Send list of candidates to several contacts




Multiple candidates can be suggested to a contact at once using Carerix. Use the option "send list". The advantage of using this option is that information of the candidates is used in a single message.

The example below is based on the assumption that the "Send list" e-mail template that contains the cx codes to show candidate information is installed from the e-mail template library (cp. Available candidates). Changes in layout are done by Carerix.

The Administrator is responsible for the creation of groups and the availability of the template. The user can then utilize these options.


Divide Contacts in groups

  1. Create groups for Contacts (table Group Contacts) with name of choice
  2. Go to Contacts and select or filter the contacts that you want to add to the group
  3. Add Contact to the created group (Action field on the bottom)

Divide Candidates in groups

  1. Create groups for Candidates (table Group Candidates) with name of choice
  2. Go to Contacts and select or filter the candidates that you want to add to the group
  3. Add Candidate to the created group (Action field on the bottom)


You will need a special "send list" e-mail template:

  • send list is ON 
    NB: This is the only situation in which send list is ON in a template
  • Visible at Candidates
  • Dedicated to Contacts
  • In the template the selected list of candidates is available as selectedItems
  • The contact is approachable through $activity.toContact

An example of a "Send list" template is available in the template library under candidate list, under the name of "cp. Available candidates"


Send list action

  1. Go to "Candidates"
  2. Make a selection of candidates
  3. Select action: Send list..." and follow the instructions:
    1. Step 1 of 3- Select template 
      Select the template you want to use for your message (e.g. cp. Available Candidates)
    2. [Next > ]
    3. Step 2 of 3- Select contacts 
      Make a selection of contacts you want to send the message to.
      use [find] and [add to address list] as many times as necessary.
    4. [Next > ]
    5. Step 3 of 3- Review address list 
      Review the list, removing any contacts that are added accidentally. 
      use [Remove from list] as many times as required.
    6. [Finish]
  4. A preview window will appear. 
    Any terms between braces {...} can be edited using the [Edit] button.
  5. Optional: Add attachments 
    Using the "Attachments" tab, you can add any attachments required. 
    Notice that the CV's of the selected candidates are available as potential attachments, just use the checkbox to include them in your message
  6. [Send] your message.